Apple might’ve overestimated how well the iPhone X would sell. Its suppliers, according to DigiTimes, are stuck with an abundance of parts and components despite the product nearing the end of full production.

As it turns out, the high levels of inventories for various parts and components almost equal three times of what Apple shipped before.

The iPhone X could be phased out this summer. Apple’s latest flagship could exit production as the new iPhone models serve different segments of the market. Unlike it has in the past, the Cupertino-based company wouldn’t keep the iPhone X around for a few years because its successor will include a near-identical design and feature set.

None of this, however, means the most advanced iPhone ever made is selling poorly. Those involved in the supply chain have merely indicated the current status. More than 52 million iPhone models were sold in Q2 2018.

On the plus side, these parts and components can be used again for other iPhone models. The same pieces are expected to make their way into the new models due out in early September. Apple won’t get to use everything left over from the iPhone X, but there should be enough that suppliers can unload inventories with little-to-no losses incurred.

The new iPhone models should continue Apple’s hot streak. Even though it’s making a more expensive line of products, Apple doesn’t seem to have taken a hit from disinterested consumers. The masses are still coming out for a new iPhone every fall and into the following year.