Apple announced the iPhone X last month, a radical departure from past models with the first redesign in several years. Its release date is still a few weeks away, but our first look at the device is already here.

A Reddit user uploaded an image of the first iPhone X in the wild. This particular model is the Space Gray with the darkened polished frame. At the top is the new notch, which pushes the time and location tracker to the left and the data signal and battery to the right. The bottom has the much-talked about bar that is meant act as the home button through a swipe up.

The user, likely an Apple employee, was playing Pokémon GO with the newest iPhone when the Reddit user snapped an image of it. It’s our first close up look at the device, excluding Apple’s doctored and perfected press images, and it looks impressive. But one specific detail caught our eye.

That is the aspect ratio of the display. You can clearly see that the game is cut off at the top and bottom with black bars to account for the extra real estate the game is not designed for—n unfortunate side effect of the game not being updated to support the new display size. This is an easy fix for developers with an update at a later time, but it’s something to take note of.

This was also an issue when Apple originally released the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, when all of the iOS apps were designed for the old 4-inch display standard. That meant the bigger iPhones automatically upscaled everything. It wasn’t a great look, but it was an easy stopgap before developers updated their apps. We expect the same thing to happen with the iPhone X. Some developers will do so on day one, while others will take some more time.

Apple is also pushing developers to embrace the top notch and not hide it with the a black bar at the top. We’re not fans of this decision, but we also haven’t seen this in practice. It may look better once we see it in action.

If this is getting you excited for the iPhone X, just remember supplies are expected to be extremely limited, so you might to consider preordering one on October 27. Here are our tips to ensure you can get a iPhone X on day one.