While you may not be able to find an iPhone X on day one, it may not take you too long thereafter.

According to sources speaking with DigiTimes, chip deliveries for the iPhone X have been on schedule so far and production is meeting Apple’s demands for the holiday season. Production is expected to continue to ramp up throughout the fourth quarter and then slow slightly in the first few months of 2018, following the production cycle of all iPhones.

This may sound like good news, but we have to remember it contradicts just about every other report that has come out. On Monday we heard about a small shipment of iPhone X units destined for the United Arab Emirates and a few other locations, but that is the extent of delivery information to date.

There are also now indications that consumers are being scared off by the $999 starting price of the device, meaning that lower than expected demand coupled with on target production could lead to no shortages at all. However, we’re not going to count on that.

iPhone X preorders will begin on Oct. 27 and it will release on Nov. 3.