With iPhone X production said to be winding down, a new report claims Apple wants to usher the device out with a bang. That means introducing a new color in the hopes of sparking a frenzy of sales before the Cupertino company moves on to what's on the horizon.

According to Benjamin Geskin, Apple is gearing up to introduce the iPhone X in a "blush gold," which looks like a darker shade of the rose gold we've seen in the past. There were rumors last year Apple was going to release the iPhone X in blush gold when the handset launched, but those plans got pushed back.

Right now, the iPhone X is only available in black and white, giving customers a limited range of options. Introducing a third option will no doubt attract customers who didn't find the black and white models very appealing. In China, devices in gold are said to be incredibly popular.

It's a smart move on Apple's part because it'll renew interest in the iPhone X while potentially sparking sales over a period in which iPhone interest hits a lull. Last year, Apple introduced a limited edition Product(Red) iPhone 7 in the spring; Apple's plan for the blush gold could follow the same path.

Apple has an event planned for March 27, where the company is expected to introduce a cheaper MacBook Air and iPad. It's very possible Apple could use the event to also mention the iPhone X in gold.