Apple's iPhone X is returning soon. In some markets around the world, you'll see Apple selling last year's flagship despite it getting pulled a few months ago. The Cupertino-based company let the iPhone XS serve as a total replacement, but sales for the new model aren't nearly as strong as expected from the outset. So there needs to be something done to boost sales.

The decision comes as Apple and Samsung are locked into an agreement for OLED panels. No matter how many iPhone units are sold, Apple needs to purchase a specific number of OLED panels from its suppliers. To meet the quota, the iPhone X has been called in for assistance.

Meanwhile, the iPhone XR will see its price cut in Japan. It'll be one of the rare instances in which Apple ushers in a region-specific discount to stimulate an iPhone model's sales.

Since it has a custom LCD panel, the iPhone XR doesn't impact Apple's decision to reactivate production on the iPhone X. Yet there's no doubt Apple's latest models are underperforming. Apple slashed production on both models, and suppliers are in a frenzy over lost revenue.

As for the iPhone X and its revival, the Wall Street Journal didn't reveal where you'll find it again Regardless, it has a tall task ahead. Apple's hardware didn't do too well in the last quarter, and there isn't much time left in 2018. Needless to say, everyone in Cupertino should hope for holiday shopping to push the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR.

Don't worry, though. It's not like Apple should think about layoffs or bankruptcy. Despite all of this, there's still plenty of money in the bank. The entire company also benefits from a services-based revenue stream that's growing every quarter.