We pretty much know everything about the iPhone X. It’s new, it’s bezel-less (except for the notch), it’s expensive and most importantly, its arriving November 3 with pre-orders starting October 27—mark your calendar. There’s still many questions we have about the device, but one of them just got answered by none other than Apple.

An intrepid Reddit user spotted a change made by Apple for the iPhone Upgrade Program landing page. It has the normal images of iPhones as well the retail packaging boxes. It’s not a surprise to see the color-matched iPhone 8 boxes on there, but what is surprising is the a box for the un-released iPhone X.

Apple doesn’t necessarily make a big deal about the retail box of its iPhones, but we usually don’t have our first look of it until day of release. This early first-look of the retail box is not like Apple at all.

Apple often implements random schemes of the iPhone retail boxes; you never really know what you’re going to get. Sometimes its all white and others its more colorful. With the color-matched iPhone 8 boxes, you’d think Apple would do something a little extra special with the iPhone X box, but it doesn’t appear so. It’s going with the tried and true formula of an all-white box with an image of the iPhone X at the top.

That’s not very exciting, but Apple wants all the focus to be on the new iPhone X display, and this new box does hone in on that.

Don’t take this as gospel. This may end up being a misdirection from Apple, with the official iPhone X box ending up being very different. We won’t know that for sure until November 3, but we wouldn’t put it past Apple in going with an uber-simple box design for its highly anticipated flagship.