Apple’s iPhone X Plus might be the most important model released this year, so it’s asking suppliers to begin production very soon as a release date is expected in September. Samsung, who’s making the custom OLED panel, is reportedly set to begin production on displays next month.

Display production will launch in May, according to the Economic Daily News. Samsung will begin making the panel in just a few weeks then double its production capacity in June. Consumers often flock to the largest model with the best specifications; therefore, Apple wants suppliers prepared for the high demand.

The iPhone X experienced a delay in 2017, and even its availability was limited into this year. Apple and its suppliers just couldn’t round up a healthy number of components to keep units in stock.

While there should still be an iPhone with a 5.8-inch display released this year, Apple reportedly intends on introducing two new sizes. The rumored model with a 6.1-inch display will utilize an LCD panel to remain affordable, and the iPhone X Plus should have 6.5-inch OLED display. With the new trio, it’s expected the classic iPhone look seen on the iPhone 8 will be retired.

As usual, Apple should make an announcement in early or mid-September and release its new hardware later that month.