Apple is rumored to be working on three different iPhone models this year, including a direct follow-up to last year’s iPhone X. But one of the more intriguing rumors has to do with an alleged 6.5-inch model, which just became more real thanks to a fresh leak.

An image of a supposed iPhone X Plus display has popped up online, giving us our first look at Apple’s alleged super-sized iPhone. Without anything to compare it to, it’s tough to determine how large an iPhone with a 6.5-inch display would be, but our guess is it won’t be much larger than an iPhone 8 Plus due to the minimized bezels.

According to MacRumors, the cable for connecting the display to the logic board is labeled similarly to how Apple has labeled components in the past, lending credibility to this leak. Of course, considering the frequency of copycats out there—notch and all—it’s difficult to say whether this is authentic.

For argument’s sake, let’s say the part is legit. It would make sense for Apple to release a larger iPhone as it continues to build out an army of iPhone X models. The 6.5-inch model would be marketed as Apple’s top-of-the-line, offering the very best of the company’s technology.

Not to mention it would do battle against devices like the Galaxy S9 Plus, which features a 6.2-inch screen. Apple isn’t expected to unveil new iPhones until this fall, but with so many rumors already swirling, it’s no surprise to see components leaking out.