Three new iPhone models are expected to debut later this year, and we have exlusive concept images of what the largest might look like. It shows how Apple could expand the success of the iPhone X by making an even bigger model for consumers who desire more screen real estate. The company would still sell smaller sizes but release a trio to cover the market with options.

We've collaborated with Concept Creator on these images, meaning you're getting various clear shots to marvel at.

Apple is unlikely to overhaul its successful formula one year in. The iPhone X Plus, which is a placeholder name at this time, should resemble the flagship currently available. It'll have an edge-to-edge display with thin bezels all around, and there will still be a notch at the top to store cameras and sensors for selfies and facial recognition.

The display is rumored to be 6.5 inches while 5.8-inch and 6.1-inch models are also in development.

If anything on the outside turns out to be drastically different, it might be the frame. The company could work in a material even stronger than the iPhone X's surgical-grade stainless steel. There's a chance aluminum becomes the new go-to material.

From behind, the iPhone X Plus will again align closely with the iPhone X. Apple needs to use glass to enable wireless charging, and our concept images show a dual-camera setup with two-tone LED flash splitting the lenses. The iPhone X Plus should keep the trusted Lightning port and store stereo speakers on the bottom as well.

Of course there will be many surprises announced this fall when the trio become official, but for now here's your best look at the iPhone X Plus.