Apple is holding its annual iPhone event on September 12, where it will undoubtedly reveal the new iPhones it has lined up for this year. Like every other year, the company will bring forth updates that make it an appealing option for consumers. We will cover the new iPhones when they are announced, but before that, we thought we’d take a look back at the iPhone X.

The iPhone X is in many ways Apple’s most daring iPhone ever. It threw away many of the pillars that had made the iPhone an iPhone, such as the home button and Touch ID biometric sensor. It also erased the long-standing symmetrical aesthetic Apple fervently stood by with the introduction of the notch.

But the omissions paved the road for breakthrough features that put the iPhone X on the cutting edge of technology. Without Touch ID as the default biometric sensor of choice, Apple unveiled Face ID, its advanced face unlock feature. Using an impressive array of sensors, including an infrared sensor that projects 30,000 invisible dots onto your face, creating a 3D depth map that Apple claims is the most secure form of biometrics.

Without the home button, Apple implemented new gesture-based controls that took iPhone navigation to a new level of fluidity and seamlessness that no other smartphone offered.

Then there were the other impressive features Apple included, such as the OLED display, wireless charging, market-leading dual camera system and a gorgeous stainless steel and glass design that upped the level of luxury.

All of this is to say the iPhone X was not just the best iPhone ever, it was also the best all-around smartphone on the market. That’s still very much the story now even as its successor is upon us.

The iPhone X is a fantastic smartphone regardless of the fact that it’ll soon be old news. It paved the way for major technology breakthroughs and set a design tone for the countless Android clones that sprouted up. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and there was a lot of imitation.

Looking back, it is hard not to look upon the iPhone X fondly. It did just what Apple promised it would do—it said hello to the future.

You can see more of our thoughts on the iPhone X in the video above.