You can add another title to the iPhone X’s long list of accoladess: a spot on TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2017 list.

Announced in September and released on November 3, the iPhone X burst onto the scene with features that include an OLED display, Face ID biometric sensor and Animoji.

One of TIME’s main reasons to include the iPhone X on the list is Face ID. It has proven to be a striking feature that is set to become the gold standard of security in smartphones for years to come. It incorporates a Flood Illuminator, Infrared Camera and Dot Projector to create a 3D map of a face, and it works impressively well.

There’s already rumors swirling around of Samsung adopting a similar feature in its next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S9. Many more are likely to follow suit.

Say what you will about the iPhone X, there’s no denying it has been a lightning rod of attention. From Animoji karaoke, to people constantly trying to fool Face ID and even to Samsung’s commercial that makes fun of the notch, the iPhone X has entered our lexicon like few other smartphones have.

Some of the other products that made it on to the list included the Nintendo Switch, Tesla Model 3 and portable VR headsets.