This is the iPhone you’ve been waiting for. When Apple released the iPhone 8 in September, the lines outside of Apple Store locations around the world weren’t very long. That can’t be said for today’s iPhone X release. Massive lines formed outside of Apple Store locations in the United States and beyond. It was more like the iPhone release everyone expected, especially since Apple is celebrating the product’s tenth anniversary.

We’ve put together a list showing just some of the scenes outside of Apple Store locations worldwide.

Apple Palo Alto — Palo Alto, California

Apple Amsterdam — Amsterdam, Netherlands

Apple Sydney — Sydney, Australia

Apple Union Square — San Francisco, California

Apple Fifth Avenue — New York, NY

Apple The Summit — Birmingham, Alabama

Apple Crabtree Valley Mall — Raleigh, North Carolina

Apple Orchard Road — Singapore

Apple Willowbrook — Wayne, New Jersey

Apple Pasadena — Pasadena, California

Apple The Pier — Atlantic City, New Jersey

Apple Millenia — Orlando, Florida

Apple Twelve Oaks — Novi, Michigan

Apple Rideau — Ottawa, Canada

Apple World Trade Center — New York, NY

Apple Dubai Mall — Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Your Apple Store?

Tell us what the scene was like at your local Apple Store if you ventured out to one today. Just tweet us the pictures (or videos) you have showing the number of people who showed up to buy the iPhone X in-person on its release date.