Apple is ending iPhone X and iPhone SE production, according to BlueFin Research Partners.

The research firm believes that both iPhone models are set to be phased out this summer. With a trio of new models expected in the fall, Apple wants to condense its lineup. There are also numerous models still in production that give different types of consumers a more tailored choice, but the iPhone X in particular won’t have a defined purpose in a few months.

In early September, Apple should introduce another 5.8-inch model that acts as the ‘new’ iPhone X. Since the differences should be minimal, the Cupertino-based company might not want to keep both on the market. Apple also has cheaper alternatives to offer for anyone dismayed by high prices.

The decision to stop making the iPhone SE doesn’t come as a surprise, either. It’s been around since March 2016, and many consumers are no longer purchasing mobile devices that small. Apple could release a new version in early 2019, too.

By the time they’re official, Apple’s new iPhone models could have 91 million units built. Apple, according to BlueFin’s John Donovan and Steve Mullane, suspect these products will remain in the lineup for a long time.

If you’ve been eyeing the iPhone X or iPhone SE, you still have plenty of time to pull the trigger. The report is about production ending, so a healthy number of units should remain available for a bit. Then you’ll need to upgrade to shop from a third-party seller or simply upgrade to another model.