With the iPhone X going on sale this past Friday, a lot of early impressions are starting to roll out. There are hot takes on the notch, Animojis and Face ID, both good and not so good, but one area that seems to have really irked people has been the wasted space at the bottom of the keyboard.

When the keyboard rises up in any app, there is lot of space at the bottom. This was likely done to raise the keyboard at the comfortable angle so as it won’t be at the very bottom of the display. Occupying the extra space is just the emoji button and the bar reminding you to swipe up. It is quite off putting, and has left many wondering why Apple didn’t do more with this space.

Alex Muench, a graphic designer, came up with a solution that’s quite sensible: Fill up the space with your most used emojis.

That’s just one idea. Apple can do any number things like adding punctuation marks or even put the row of apps you can use in iMessage, giving you quick access Animojis, GIFs and stickers.

The point is, the space can be filled up quickly if Apple put a little more thought into it. Thankfully, this is something that can easily be fixed with a future update. It’ll be up to Apple to actually update it and make use of the space.

Apple is entering new territory with the iPhone X. Its quirky design with the notch and bar at the bottom will take some time to fully take advantage of. The odd space below the keyboard (and other apps) is just one of those growing pains that will hopefully be fixed at some point.