People have been trying to trick Face ID on the iPhone X repeatedly since Apple released the device a few weeks ago. Why? Because there’s nothing better than watching a useful, ambitious feature get knocked down. Tests against Face ID have involved twins, masks, facial hair, and anything else to possibly initiate false positives. Some have had success, but the iPhone X’s TrueDepth system appears to be pretty good when it comes to confirming individuals.

Apple does indeed understand its facial recognition isn’t perfect despite saying Face ID is more secure than Touch ID. It just has to watch as people beat a major iPhone X feature until they eventually get bored of doing so.

There’s one case gaining a ton of attention, and it comes from a family located in Staten Island. Attaullah Malik and Sana Sherwani’s 10-year-old son, Ammar Malik, can unlock his mother’s iPhone X using his own face.

The youngster’s parents picked up a pair of the latest iPhone; however, his mother’s unit was totally off limits. If he wanted to check out the iPhone X, he had to use his father’s unit. But he accidentally picked up his mother’s iPhone X, and it turned out Face ID had absolutely no idea that the device was in the hands of a child and not a grown woman. Ammar was able to unlock the iPhone X as if he owned it.

Here’s the video:

Both parents laughed about it at first, but then they came to terms with the fact that not all children are going to be as responsible as Ammar and not do anything outrageous. And, while they trust their child, they don’t need him unlocking their devices to catch a glimpse of private conversations. Other parents could run into a problem where their children purchase apps, order food, or post to social media.

Wired, who interviewed the family, asked both parents to reset Face ID on their devices. It immediately stopped the problem from happening. A second time, though, the parents reset Face ID and the problem returned. Ammar was once again able to unlock his mother’s iPhone X.

Meanwhile, as his parents try to figure out how to use Face ID while locking their child out, Ammar is enjoying the new attention so much that he dabs every time upon defeating Face ID. Really, watch the video. He’s pumped about beating one of the iPhone X’s most popular features, which maybe every child would be.