Millions of Apple fans stayed up into the early morning hours of October 27 to preorder the iPhone X, but not everyone came away happy. While Apple is still selling preorders on its website, every configuration shows shipping estimates of 5-6 weeks, pushing the device back into December.

Which doesn’t sound as dire as we thought—getting your phone before the year is up may not be the impossible task we were led to believe. But getting the device on November 3 is a long shot at this point unless you plan on scouring Craiglist.

Apple issued a statement to MacRumors about iPhone X preorders, saying demand has been “off the charts.” That’s to be expected considering the handset is arguably the most substantial upgrade to ever hit the iPhone line. It would seem Apple customers aren’t afraid of that $1,000 price tag after all.

Folks on the TechnoBuffalo staff were able to snag an order through various channels, but shipping dates vary wildly. Some say November 3, while others are saying the end of November. With so much apparent demand, there’s no telling if these promised shipping dates will change over the next few days.

Apple hasn’t said how many preorders were placed, but with multiple reports claiming the iPhone X has run into production hurdles, the shipping times of 5-6 weeks will likely get even worse.

If you were unable to snag a preorder or you don’t feel like waiting 5-6 weeks to have the device in your possession, Apple reiterated it will have units at Apple retail stores on November 3 beginning at 8 a.m. But if that’s the route you choose, know that you probably have to show up very early—very likely the afternoon before.