The iPhone X is an excellent product, but it's not for everyone. Apple made its latest iPhone pretty expensive and some people just don't care for iOS. And so we're happy to share that an Android-powered iPhone X is coming. Doogee, which you've probably never heard of until now, will sell you the V if you're trying to get that iPhone X-like design but want Android running the show.

Here's the iPhone X copycat shown from every angle, courtesy of mobile industry insider Evan Blass:

Looks like the iPhone X, right? Doogee implemented an edge-to-edge display similar to Apple's, and the knockoff also has a notch at the top. It's where you'll find the front-facing camera, earpiece, and ambient light sensor. Unfortunately the iPhone X's TrueDepth technology wasn't able to be replicated. But the phone does have an in-display fingerprint scanner, a feature that probably isn't going to be mainstream until the second half of 2018.

Most specifications are unknown, but Blass does state the display measures 6.2 inches.

Elsewhere the phone draws upon design elements we're likely to find on Samsung's 2018 flagship. Yes, Doogee appears to have copied the upcoming Galaxy S9. The overall design of the V resembles previous flagships from the South Korean company, and the dual-camera setup on the back is similar to what leaks have exposed on the Galaxy S9+.

Doogee isn't expected to sell the V globally, but it's fun to look at the things lesser-known brands do while no one is watching.

Update: Benjamin Geskin also tweeted out similar information a few days ago. Here's his leaked render of the Doogee V: