When the iPhone X was released last year, one of the changes Apple made under the hood was including a two cell L-shaped battery. The configuration allowed Apple to include more capacity while accommodating the complex internal layout of components.

In the iPhone X sequel that’s slated to launch this fall, Apple will reportedly use improved battery technology that builds on the two cell L-shaped approach we saw last year.

According to Patently Apple, LG will produce a new single-cell L-shaped battery that will feature increased capacity over the existing two cell layout. The iPhone X right now sports a 2,716mAh battery—a single-cell L-shaped battery could see Apple approach the 3,000mAh range.

The iPhone X’s battery life is already excellent, so the improvement in technology will only help Apple eke out more life of its next iPhone. Combine the increased capacity with Apple’s next A-series processor, and iPhone users may be in for some major improvements.

There’s been a predictable amount of iPhone rumors ever since the iPhone X was released last November. One of them claims the iPhone X will be killed off over the summer to make room for a trio of new iPhone models (which you can read about here).

Whatever changes we see in the next iPhone X, we can at the very least expect a larger battery.