It looks like there is some truth to the rumors that Apple will eventually be releasing a version of the iPhone with support for 4G LTE connectivity included.  While this seemed inevitable, we just had no clue how soon it would be happening.  Well, according to information discovered by Boy Genius Report, it may not come with the iPhone 5, but it looks to be happening pretty soon if testing information is to be believed.

The evidence comes in the form of an internal iOS build being used by the carriers for an iPhone that has LTE included.  It appears that the devices are already in their hands for the initial tests, but that doesn’t guarantee that it will come in the iPhone 5.  If anything, if tests are happening now, this sounds a lot more likely for the iPhone 6, or whatever they end up calling the next iteration of the phone after the one due to be introduced sometime in the next month or so.

You can see the images BGR captured below.  The only surprising aspect of this entire story is that it is already happening.  Apple has said LTE presented them with battery problems, so they are sure to be working on even more efficient battery technology as we all know Steve Jobs dreads a dead device.  Whatever the solution, the 4G iPhone of your dreams is more than likely on its way, it’s just a question of when.

Are you interested in an iPhone with LTE capabilities?

[via Boy Genius Report]