The internet is good for very few things, and even fewer things that are safe for work. But, thanks for the endless talented designers and photographers out there, I managed to stumble across a huge collections of iPhone wallpapers.

Flickr iPhone Pool

My wallpaper is something that I change about once a month, but there’s always something newer, smarter or funkier to download and use as your ‘slide to unlock’ screen. The problem is, a lot of the existing resources for desktop and iPhone wallpapers are, generally speaking, a hive for spam, splash ads and other kinds of irritation. One of the main reasons why I home brew most of my iPhone wallpaper.

This Flickr pool however is nothing of the sort. Just, pure, unadulterated goodness. A slight word of warning, as my day is filled with 23 hours of stress and 1 hour of article writing, I can’t vouch for all 14K+ images, but I’m sure they’re all cosier.

So, if you’re an iPhone wallpaper junky, hit up the explore link and download to your hearts content. Note: We don’t condone the use of copyrighted materials, on the off chance that some of the wallpapers are protected under copyright.