According to new smartphone usage data published by Experian, iPhone owners spend a whopping 55 percent more time using their phones than their Android owning counterparts. On average, Apple fans spend an hour and 15 minutes per day on their phones, while Google devotees spend just 49 minutes per day on average.

The data also breaks down how people use their smartphones, revealing a few noticeable differences between how people use iPhones and Android handsets.

The biggest discrepenacy is the way the two groups communicate. Android owners spend 28 percent of their time on the phone talking to other people, while iPhone owners only spend 22 percent of their phone time talking to other people. Meanwhile, iPhone users are more likely to text or send an email. When it comes to games and social media the two groups are even, though Android owners are more likely to browse the Internet on their phones.


We’re a bit surprised that the usage times are so low — anyone who uses a smartphone for just over an hour per day should see pretty incredible battery life. Though, to be fair, the average person probably doesn’t use his or her smartphone as often as tech enthusiasts do.