According to a study conducted by OK Cupid, the dating site took a look at how various gadgets impacted the success rates of its members.  Taking a look at using cameras (interchangeable lenses/point and shoot/camera phone) and even at brands, the site wanted to see what made for a successful profile.  After sifting through all of that information, they also shared that it seems what smartphone you use may impact how many sexual partners you may have.

smartphone sex

The site said of the information, “The chart pretty much speaks for itself; I’ll just say that the numbers for all three brands are for 30 year-olds, so it’s not a matter of older, more experienced people preferring one phone to another. We found this data as part of our general camera-efficacy analysis.”  The site then plotted it all as a graph for you.

sex and smart phones by age

Apparently people take the “sexiness” factor of their iPhone’s a tad bit far.

I have to say that I find this all a bit far fetched, but considering that the site actually said the survey encompassed 9,785 members of the site, so at least they provided some raw data for you to form your opinions from.

Honestly, our suspicion is that not being able to make phone calls on the iPhone most of the time leads to this extra free time to go out and find more sexual partners.  And, if I sound a tad dismissive of this, just keep in mind that my current phone is an HTC Hero.

What say you?  Does your choice of smartphone really say anything about your sex life?