Apple could be replacing the Lightning port on the iPhone. The iPhone models in 2019 will ship with a USB-C port rather than Apple’s proprietary technology, according to DigiTimes.

The transition won’t be immediate, but Apple is reportedly prepared to signal its decision this year. When the new iPhone models arrive in the fall, the Cupertino-based company will include an adapter. It’ll be a Lighting to USB-C cable along with an 18W wall charger.

Apple wants to give customers time to brace for the jump to USB-C on all products, and the specialized cable will at least let them continue as normal for another year. But, in 2019, the iPhone should be all-in on USB-C like other mobile devices have been for several years.

The iPad, too, will eventually make the switch. Once the iPhone and iPad ship with USB-C ports, Apple will have the technology standard across its portfolio. Apple’s Mac models have included it since mid-2015.

Even though having a USB-C port on the iPhone would be beneficial in the long-run, Apple is going to anger customers. The Lightning port has been around for nearly six years. By ditching it, customers will be annoyed that they’ll need a separate adapter to continue using their accessories. The makers of those accessories, meanwhile, will just release new products.

USB-C does accomplish many of the same things as Lightning. Both are reversible and transfer data in addition to power. Now, though, it’s important to have a USB-C port on the iPhone and iPad since Apple’s other products have it.