Samsung Galaxy S4 VS Apple iPhone 5

A Remington, Va. man was arrested this week for swiping several iPhones from a DMW Wireless store in Springfield. It sounds terribly made up, being that it happened at a location in Springfield, and it didn’t even take very much police work to track the thief down. All it took was some good old fashion stupidity, and a single Samsung Galaxy device. Who would’ve thought?

According to the Washington Post, Travis Montgomery Snyder, 25, decided this week he wanted to steal multiple iPhones. So he went down to the wireless shop, smashed one of the display cases, and took the phones as though he was reaching into a cupboard in his home. Only, for some inexplicable reason, Snyder left behind his Galaxy smartphone under a pile of broken glass. Bad move, Snyder.

Once police were in possession of the phone, they were able to track its subscription back to Snyder, who lives in Remington about an hour or so from the store in Springfield. It wasn’t even the surveillance footage that ultimately lead to his arrest, though it did match Snyder’s description. Apple theft is an actual thing that’s prevalent around the globe, so this is nothing new, of course.

I just never thought a Samsung owner would be responsible for such a crime. It must not have been a very good life companion.