iPhone 4s

Apple's iPhone is now more popular than the BlackBerry in Canada, home of RIM. According to new data from IDC and Bloomberg, Waterloo, Canada-based RIM shipped 2.08 million BlackBerry smartphones in the country last year while Apple shipped a total of 2.85 million iPhone units. That's up form the year before when RIM was still shipping an estimated 500,000 more BlackBerry devices than Apple was shipping iPhones. It's a huge fall from grace in just four years: "In 2008, the year after the iPhone's debut, RIM outsold Apple by almost five to one," Bloomberg said.

One analyst speaking to Bloomberg suggested that RIM "lost its way" when it came to branding its products. Other analysts pointed to the iPhone's more robust features and the greater number of applications available in the iTunes App Store as reasons for its jump in popularity. There's no doubt RIM needs to regain consumer excitement around its products all over again, and it's going to have to make sure its BB10 operating system and phones are much more competitive than its current devices. "That's the challenge: to reverse the negative sentiment that has developed," an analyst with BMO Harris said.

Not all is lost for RIM in Canada, however. The company still has orders from several of Canada's largest banks and corporations, which continue to issue BlackBerry devices to employees.

[via Bloomberg]