Kenu’s been around for more than seven years, releasing everything from mounts to chargers to stands. Yet the company hasn’t changed its formula because the entire lineup of accessories just works so well no matter your allegiance to iOS or Android. Along with being on the inexpensive side, the products Kenu rolls out are simple but very capable.

The Stance is one my all-time favorite accessories. It’s a tiny little thing that utilizes your phone’s charging port as a way to create a tripod, mount, or stand. Kenu’s offering is a lot more versatile than what you may have seen elsewhere because it’s compact and features unrivaled versatility.

If you’ve been searching for a stand to use with your iPhone or Android device, look no further than the Kenu Stance. Chances are you’ll end up like me and find it to be the perfect fit.

Accessories are almost always small or sturdy, not both. The Stance, though, does manage to be durable despite its small form factor. Kenu is using die-cast zinc and two premium plastic-rubber mixes, but it weighs a mere 45 grams.

When you hold the Stance in your hand, it doesn’t feel like a feather or brick. It has just enough heft where you know it’ll hold your phone in place, especially with the rubber feet gripping any surface. So don’t be fooled by its dimensions (3 x 1 x 0.25 inches). Kenu wanted to make something equally strong and portable.

Looking at Kenu’s Stance before setup, you’ll see it folded nicely in a slim layout. The two outer legs are stationed in-line with the center leg. At the bottom of each is a rubber-coated foot, and up top they lead to a rubber ball. That’s where the connector for your phone is. It looks just like a connector on a cable, and it’s molded specifically for your phone’s port.

Put that connector into your phone’s port, unfold the legs, and move the ball around. Now you’re done. Really, that’s all there is to setting up the Stance.

Kenu then lets you position your phone as desired just by twisting the legs and rotating the ball. Your phone can stand straight up in portrait mode if all the legs are extended outward, and you can switch to landscape mode by straightening them but twisting the ball and having the stand off to the side.

You might be surprised to hear that the Stance also sneaks in two features. At a glance, you probably didn’t notice them. But, yes, they’re present. Personally, I always carry my Stance in a small pocket in my laptop bag. Kenu, however, gives you the option to attach the accessory to your keys. There’s a small loop so that Stance goes wherever you go. The other bonus is the built-in bottle opener on the side. Believe it or not, you can crack open a cold one using one of the legs on the Stance.

As someone who’s used the Stance from the days of micro-USB ports, it still surprises me how useful this accessory ends up being. And it’s not like I limit myself to using it on the road for watching videos. When I’m in the office, I put my Pixel 2 XL on the Stance to see notifications come in right beside my iMac. I don’t have to keep turning my head to the side or looking down to see if someone sent me an email, text, or tweet. Then I respond using Google Assistant’s voice commands. Seriously, the Stance makes the experience so much more pleasant.

If a call comes in, I can quickly answer without having to do anything since the legs don’t get in the way. Call ends, the Stance resumes its job.

It’s also impressive how strong the hinges are. The old model I got a few years ago still holds positions quite well, and even as phones get a bit bigger and heavier, the Stance remains reliable. You won’t have to worry about your phone tipping over and taking some damage. And I can use it with those ultra-slim cases that I’ve long put my faith in.

Kenu makes the Stance in three varieties — Lightning, USB-C, and micro-USB. So you have no reason at all to avoid this stand. Maybe you’re over those rings that need to be attached to your phone’s back. Who knows, you could be like me and just don’t care for cases with a built-in kickstand.

You’re spending less than $20 on an accessory that unlocks functionality when needed and doesn’t take up a lot of space, and you know it’ll keep working for years to come.

Buy now: Amazon (Lighting), Amazon (USB-C), Amazon (micro-USB)

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