The U.S. government would like to launch an investigation into Apple’s decision to slow down the iPhone as its battery weakens. Both the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have requested documents from the company regarding that practice. Apple already explained itself in several statements over the last few months, but the two federal agencies want to know more.

Here’s part of what Apple said in response to the inquiries:

“We have received questions from some government agencies and we are responding to them.”

Apple didn’t say the specific agencies they’ve been contacted by; however, it’s quite obvious the DOJ and SEC are involved considering it’s a business-related matter.

The full statement can be found over on Axios, and we do recommend giving it a read. Apple discusses why it altered power management on the iPhone and how the issue has since been resolved.

Soon the iPhone will show users battery health to let them know whether or not replacing the battery is necessary. If your iPhone’s battery appears to be weakened, Apple will exchange the component for a small fee. None of that, however, seems to be enough for the U.S. government. The inquiries into Apple’s handling of the matter will continue.