Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two months, then you probably have heard a thing or two about the exploding Samsung Note 7. It has been a complete mess for Samsung, and it keeps getting worse with people trolling the volatile phone quite hilariously.

Just recently, a GTA V mod turned the Note 7 into a sticky bomb, exploding on unsuspecting victims just like the real thing—if not a bit more exaggerated. Then a guy decided to poke even more fun by creating a Note 7 Halloween costume with smoking Note 7 boxes. Now, somebody else is finding a way of trolling the phone while making profit with iPhone exploding look-a-like skins.

The skin mimics the burning reaction that burned through the Note 7’s glass back to leave an indelible charred pattern. The whole concept is quite ingenious and lets Apple fans troll Samsung users, something Samsung used to specialize in with their commercials. How the tables have turned.

The skins are available through Uniqfind for iPhones dating back to the 5 or newer and retail for $25.