Apple announced the iPhone SE yesterday. As an outsider looking in, sitting at my desk on the other side of the country watching Apple’s event, it looked like an attractive device.

You’ll get most of the flagship features of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in a smaller form factor, including an A9 processor, 16GB or 64GB of storage, a 12MP camera that can capture 4K video and Live Photos and more. It doesn’t support 3D Touch, but that’s fine by me. There is one missing feature that you might want to know about, however.

Apple kept a lot of features from the iPhone 5s for the iPhone SE, including most of the industrial design. Another leftover part is the first generation Touch ID sensor, which MacWorld said Apple is using for the iPhone SE. That’s really upsetting to me because Apple is holding back on a part that it otherwise has. It’s no doubt to help keep costs down, but there are large performance increases in both accuracy and speed for the newer second-generation Touch ID sensor.

Keep that in mind if you’re stepping up to buy the iPhone SE. I think most folks with an iPhone 5s are going to like the upgrades, just know that Touch ID isn’t one of them.