While the world is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the iPhone 8, it appears that Apple may not be done with the budget iPhone SE quite yet.

According to a new report from Focus Taiwan, Apple supplier Wistron is preparing to expand its iPhone manufacturing capabilities in India. This push for new facilities is said to prepare itself to build the next-generation of the iPhone SE line.

Wistron is the current manufacturer for the iPhone SE models from its production facility in Bangalore, India.

Every rumor as of late has been firmly focused on the upcoming iPhone 8, leading some to wonder if the iPhone SE would be receiving an update any time in the near future. According to the report the newer iPhone SE is being targeted for a release some time in the first quarter of 2018 as opposed to launching with the iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus in September.

As to the actual specs of a newer model iPhone SE, there have been a few rumors from sketchier sources that feel more like guesses than anything concrete. Those reports have indicated it could sport an A10 chip with 2GB of RAM and storage capacities of either 32GB or 128GB. We do recommend considering these educated guesses for the time being and nothing more.

Expect more information about the iPhone SE to surface after the launch of the iPhone 8 this fall.