Next year, will Apple continue to make and sell a version of the iPhone SE? Maybe, and if it decides to make changes to the smartphone they could end up looking like the above concept that was created by artist DBS Designing.

DBS Designing crafted renders of an iPhone SE that sports a 5.2-inch Quad HD display that takes up almost the entirety of the front of the phone, with bezels only at the top and bottom. This is certainly plausible, given that Apple is rumored to make the entire front face of the iPhone 8 a display. Most manufacturers are cutting away with bezels, too, so the iPhone SE could cut some fat in those areas.

This iPhone SE 2017 conceptis only a dream

The concept imagines other features we’ll probably never see, like a volume slider bar on the side of the smartphone and a shock proof design. Maybe we’ll see an iris scanner some day, as is featured in the concept, but there’s no indication it’s coming from Apple soon.

Check out the gallery above or the video below for a closer look.