Apple might be prepared to launch a new iPhone sooner than you think. It won’t be another full-sized mobile device like the iPhone X or iPhone 8, but the company is expected to release a successor to 2016’s iPhone SE within the next few months.

A report from the Economic Daily News reveals that Apple already has Wistron, a Taiwanese manufacturer, agreeing to assemble the new iPhone SE in 2018. Wistron built the original model and, after seeing success with that product, is being brought back in to aide in production for the new model. The release date isn’t finalized, but Apple is reportedly eyeing the first quarter of 2018 to have an updated iPhone SE on the market.

In March 2016, Apple introduced the iPhone SE. The product went on sale later that month, and it’s still offered by carriers and retailers today. With the new model, Apple is believed to want the same timing. The iPhone SE coming in 2018 should debut no later than March and become available shortly after its announcement. Having a familiar manufacturer assembling units definitely makes that plan easier to execute.

Rumored specifications for the new iPhone SE include an A10 Fusion processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB or 128GB of internal storage, a 12MP rear camera, a 5MP front camera, and a 1700mAh battery. Unfortunately that information, which come from Tekz24, hasn’t been verified by reliable sources. It’s more like a starting point until more trusted reports and leaks come out.

The big unknown, aside from the internal components, is what this iPhone could look like. Its predecessor resembles the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, two products Apple discontinued more than a year ago. Apple does have options. The new iPhone SE could be a miniature iPhone 8 or perhaps the company will implement an entirely new design. It just seems unlikely for the current iPhone SE’s design to stick around considering it was dated at the time of its arrival. No one should expect an iPhone X-like design, though.

Possibly more interesting than anything else about the iPhone SE in 2018 is its price. Apple started competing with a bunch of Android devices in 2016, but the companies behind those devices have done a lot to stretch what $399 and $499 can get you. Something like the OnePlus 5T is now considered an iPhone X rival despite being priced at $499.

Apple shouldn’t expect to get away with a watered-down experience like it did with the last iPhone SE. It’ll need to include standout features like reasonable display size (in addition to higher resolution) and 3D Touch.