It has been eight months since Apple announced its last iPhone. That time is an eternity in the smartphone world, where it seems a new device is announced every other week. Apple doesn’t operate in that manner, but it could change that approach by announcing an iPhone SE sequel this summer.

We’ve been waiting for the device’s sequel for a while and its release looks imminent. There is just too much evidence for the iPhone SE 2 not to be released.

With that being said, we gathered all of the major details about the iPhone SE 2 into an easy to understand guide. This is everything we know about the iPhone SE 2.


The iPhone SE 2 is expected to retain much of the same design as the current iPhone SE. Rumors differ as to whether it’ll have the same two-tone back or whether it’ll have an all-glass back to allow for wireless charging. Rumors also hint that it might look like a mini iPhone X, but Apple rarely jumps the gun that ambitiously. After all, in creating the original iPhone SE, it decided to use the iPhone 5 design instead of starting from scratch. We doubt that’ll change this year.


If you can lock in one feature that is going to be added to the iPhone SE 2, it is a bigger display. Apple seems to be adopting the same design language found in the iPhone X, with the bezel-less display and notch at the top for all of its smartphones. In getting the new display, Face ID might be added, eliminating the need for a home button and Touch ID.


Not much has been learned about the expected specs in the iPhone SE 2 except that it might come with an A10 processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB and 128GB of storage. However, that same report stated it would come with Touch ID, infringing upon our previous point about the display. Take it with a grain of salt even though the specs do sound about right; Apple tends to stick older processors in the SE line as a means of cutting costs.


In skipping major mobile announcements during its March event, Apple’s WWDC is likely the last hope we have of seeing the iPhone SE 2 in 2018. That falls in line neatly with the constant reports that WWDC will be the avenue in which Apple unveils its miniature iPhone. If Apple decides not to do so, then we likely wouldn’t see the iPhone SE 2 until 2019.

Apple’s WWDC keynote will take place June 4. We’ll see what comes of the iPhone SE 2 then.