Now that the WWDC keynote is past us, I thought there’d be a break (or at least a minor pause) from all the iPhone rumors. Silly me.

Here’s the latest:

9to5Mac has a source who says that deep inside the Cupertino campus, yet another iPhone is being tested to work with Sprint. The tipster says the handset, which resembles the current iPhone 4, is in advanced testing mode, and that Apple had some Sprint towers installed near the campus for this purpose. This also jibes with a previous report that the iPhone maker was looking for cell engineers in Kansas, where Sprint HQ is located. Beyond this, the post indicates that a separate 4G Sprint iPhone is also in the works, possibly for 2012. If that’s true, it could mean the first Sprint iPhone (with 3G) is probably coming at some point this year.

Talk Android also dishes about a Sprint iPhone, but the site’s source pegs it as a dual-band handset that also supports T-Mobile. The source, a Sprint store manager, believes that two dual-band phones (Verizon/AT&T, Sprint/T-Mobile) will take turns being updated every other year. He goes on to say that Sprint’s iPhone data plan will be offered at a higher price — $90 a month (not $70) — and that the carrier is actually already equipped for LTE.

…Certain Sprint stores are already equipped with three radios: CDMA, WiMax, and *gasp* LTE. As of right now though, the LTE radio is turned off. This shouldn’t surprise too many people, as Sprint has not only said that they would consider LTE, but a few analysts already thought they were putting money into building an LTE network.

Meanwhile, Dubai’s Etisalat suggested that it might be in Apple talks to sell an unannounced iPhone 5 with LTE support. The carrier said its 4G network will be available by Q3, and that the handset would be coming this year. (The immediate thought here is, if an LTE iPhone is coming, would it really launch in Dubai first? I kind of doubt that.)

These rumors are diverse (and at points, even a little far-fetched), so it’s important to take all this with a grain of salt.

What do you make of these rumors? Do you think an LTE version is coming this year? What about a Sprint model or a dual-band device?

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