BlackBerry 10 might be attractive for some, but for big box fix-it-yourself retailer Home Depot, it's not enough. The company on Monday confirmed earlier reports that it's migrating away from deploying BlackBerry devices to its employees to instead issue iPhones. Shares of BlackBerry were down 4.18 percent in reflection of the news at the writing of this article.

Home Depot told Reuters that it's planning to deploy the iPhone to 10,000 employees that previously carried BlackBerry devices. Most of the employees are at executive or managerial level, the company said. Home Depot noted that the iPhone isn't used inside its actual brick and mortar stores, and that employees in those outlets actually use Motorola-powered Android smartphones that can be used to help customers check out.

BlackBerry seemed to shrug at the loss of Home Depot as a customer. "We have over 2,7000 unique business in North America already registered for our BlackBerry 10 Ready Program," a spokesperson told Reuters. Still, it remains to be seen how many of those enterprise businesses end up rolling out BlackBerry 10 devices, and at what capacity. For all we know those companies signed up to test the devices in small roll-outs instead of making large purchases.

There's no word if the decision was based on the BlackBerry 10 delay in the U.S., although we have a feeling that's not related to the choice.