Last year Scott Forstall announced at Apple’s annual WWDC keynote that iPhone OS 3.0 would be made available to the public on June 17th, two days before the iPhone 3GS went on sale.  That first day of WWDC, software developers would be able to download the same “golden master” that would go public nearly ten days later.  Chances are good Apple’s going to do the same on Monday.

The first iPhone OS 4.0 beta version was made available to developers on April 8th , the same day it was previewed on Apple’s campus.  The second version of the 4.0 beta was released on Tuesday, April 20th, two weeks after the first beta was introduced.  The third followed suit, being seeded to developers on Tuesday, May 4th, two weeks after version two.  The fourth and latest iPhone 4.0 beta hit on Tuesday, May 18th, two weeks…ok so hopefully you’ve caught the trend.  This last Tuesday, June 1st should have been the release of the fifth beta.  Tuesday came and went without a peep – no new information made its way to the developer’s corner.


It’s likely then, that the 5th iteration of the iPhone 4.0 beta was the final version and rather than seed it to developers a week ahead of WWDC, they’re holding off until Monday’s keynote.  Here is where we’re likely to see the final version of iPhone OS 4.0 or “golden master” as shipping versions of hardware/software are often referred to as.  A public release is likely to come days before the launch of the iPhone HD, unless you’re a firm believer that Apple will break tradition, releasing the new hardware alongside its announcement.