The iPhone OS 4 demonstration gave us a lot to chew on, but without screenshots it can be a bit difficult to comprehend some of what they are talking about.  Well, as luck would have it, we have some for you!  Lets just dive in and see what the new version of the operating system behind the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad has in store for us.

New iPhone Mailbox

Besides giving us a new unified inbox, we also finally have threaded e-mails.  As you can see on the left side of the image there are double arrows next to the number 5.  Click on that e-mail and you will see all five e-mails in that thread in the right hand image.

iphone os 4 mail


Something that has been needed for ages due to the number of apps is the new folders.  As you can see you see mini-icons of the apps you’ve placed in a folder, click on the folder and you will see a blow-up of the apps in there and then you can access them.  Nice, so while small, you won’t have to guess what is in “Games 1”, “Games 2” and so on.  On the left you can see the folder inline with other icons, and on the right you can see how it expands to show you the contents of the folder.

iphone os 4 folder


In this image you can see the list of all the apps currently running with multitasking.  You can scroll amongst the running apps as shown in the right portion of the shot.  What seems to be missing is a way to shut down apps.  There is no “task manager” per se, and it isn’t totally clear yet how you shut them down.  There has to be way or else you will run out of memory rapidly, but we aren’t sure of the method yet.

iphone os 4 multitasking


You can kill apps by holding down on them in the multitask area.  The minus symbol shows up, click it and kill the app.  (we knew there had to be a way!)

iphone os 4 app kill

Game Center

This could be … dare we say it? … a game changer.  Many critics have said Apple doesn’t understand social media, but this has all the feeling of almost being like Xbox Live for the iPhone family.  Leaderboards?  Achievements?  Doesn’t all of this sound oddly familiar?  And you can now add friends … sure sounds to me like Apple has grasped being social.

On the left you can see the Game Center icon, and on the right the unpopulated friends area.

iphone os 4 game center

Camera Zoom

Something not discussed at the press event today is the fact the camera will be getting a zoom capability.  Tape the screen and the zoom bar appears

iphone os 4 zoom


Is there anything else in the iPhone OS 4 you would ike to see screenshots of?  Any other information you would like?