Right on schedule, Apple released the third beta revision of iPhone OS 4.0.  So what's inside?  First reports suggest a few key changes to the multitasking interface — don't call it a task manager — triggered with a double tap of the home button.  Inside, there is quick access to iPod controls and a new screen orientation lock, a feature that debuted on the iPad.

As the double press home button action can no longer trigger the iPod controls in OS 4.0, Apple has moved them within the multitasking UI.  Both the iPod controls and the screen orientation lock can be found by swiping left of the multitasking icons and act in the same way as the previous popover activated in pre-4.0 releases.  Presumably the volume control bar displayed on the iPod controls popover will be replaced by the volume rocker, or what may now be two separate buttons where the rocker once stood.

The screen orientation lock currently only works in portrait mode, something that may remain unchanged as landscape can remain in place as the headphone jack points towards the floor.  Once activated, the screen location lock icon appears in the top right alongside the battery indicator and is deactivated the same as it was activated.

Apple has also changed the way users can remove apps from the multitasking interface.  Before, each icon had to be long pressed until a badge appeared that, once pressed, killed the app or removed it from the list.  Now, badges appear across all apps with one long press and can be killed much faster than before.  I still wonder if a quick drag of an app above the multitasker might be a better choice.

Are you happy about the changes made in the latest beta?  Let us know what you think in the comments.