iPhone 4S T-MobileIn a statement released by Andrew Sherrard, Senior Vice President of Marketing for T-Mobile USA, he said that the ball is in Apple's court regarding an iPhone developed to run on T-Mobile's 3G and 4G networks.

The iPhone is a good device and we've expressed our interest to Apple to offer it to our customers. Ultimately, it is Apple's decision. We believe a capable version of the iPhone for our 3G and 4G networks would offer an additional compelling option for our customers on a fast 4G network. However, the iPhone is not the only option to experience the benefit that smartphones offer.

Sherrard highlighted T-Mobile's alternatives – namely, the HTC Amaze 4G and Samsung Galaxy S ll – saying that the 4G smartphones Magenta currently offers rival a number of devices on the other, bigger carriers, including the iPhone 4S. In addition, Sherrard went on to say that there's no better time to be a T-Mobile customer because of their Android, Windows and Blackberry smartphones, reiterating the fact that they provide fast 4G network speeds along with competitively priced plans.

While Sherrard's points are valid, his voice may not by heard by the millions of Americans who have flocked to the nation's three largest carriers for Apple's iPhone 4S. There are certainly those who are pining for an iPhone on T-Mobile, and the potential AT&T/T-Mobile merger is still alive, if only just, so all hope is not lost. However, once the inevitable next-generation iPhone rumors begin to swirl, one has to wonder how T-Mobile, aside from offering cheaper data and voice plans, can stay competitive without the iPhone, even if they do have a solid lineup.

Have you left T-Mobile for the iPhone?

[via T-Mobile]