These iPhone 8 rumors are endless and don’t seem to be stopping any time soon. One of the key features mentioned is the supposed expectation the iPhone 8 will include an OLED display, but the incrementally updated iPhone 7s and 7s Plus won’t. That means only a third of Apple’s new iPhones will sport OLED displays.

When will every iPhone make the jump? That’s happening next year.

According to a report from The Investor, Apple has inked a deal with Samsung for 180 million OLED displays for next year. That’s a major jump from the current 80 million OLED display deal Apple and Samsung agreed for the iPhone 8.

“The two companies have recently signed a non-disclosure agreement on general conditions, including the screen size,” states an industry source in the report. “Other details such as screen design and functions could be adjusted considering the phone is still under development.”

The report also reveals the displays will come in two variants: a 5.28-inch model and 6.46-inch model. If those reports are to be believed, that means Apple is switching back to its normal two iPhone model system next year once it fully adopts OLED displays.

Given that the expected release date of the iPhone 9 (or whatever it is called) is only 18 months away, it’s not uncommon to see Apple planning ahead. Considering the design of the phone is said to be in development, Apple may still be tweaking some key features we’ve seen floated around, such as the fingerprint scanner inside the display.