One of the iPhone’s most underrated features is 3D Touch. It’s not as flashy as Face ID or the dual camera, but once mastered, it is a fantastic way to get the most out of your iPhone. That isn’t stopping Apple from taking the feature out from a future model, according to reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

First reported by Feng, analyst Kuo is doubling down on his prediction that Apple will omit 3D Touch from one of its upcoming iPhones. Kuo believes Apple will release three new models this year: a successor to the iPhone X, an iPhone X Plus and a llow-tech 6.1-inch model with an LCD display.

The last of the bunch will not only be missing the OLED panel, it will also be miss out on 3D Touch. Apple is doing this to save some money on production. According to Kuo, the new 6.1-inch LCD panel will raise the cost of the iPhone between $23 to $26. Excluding 3D Touch will help offset some of the cost.

Kuo went on to say the new 6.1-inch iPhone will include a new feature called Cover Glass Sensor (CGS), which will make the display lighter and stronger.

While 3D Touch is a very useful feature, if not used properly, it can be kind of useless. Apple has easily replaced the feature in older models with a long press that’s intuitive enough as to not degrade the iOS experience.

This may raise the question as to whether or not Apple is considering eliminating 3D Touch from all iPhone models beyond 2018. We won’t have an answer to that for at least another year, but that may very well be a possibility.