It’s been three years since Apple unveiled the iPhone 5, and with it the reversible Lightning port. Now, the company is finally rolling out an official dock for the super-slim connector. You can pick one up now from the Apple Store for what seems like a pretty pricy $39.

The design is classic Apple. A simple white rectangle with rounded corners. The connector itself is supported with some reinforcement, which should keep it from buckling under the weight of even an iPhone 6 Plus. However, Apple makes it clear that its new accessory isn’t meant for iPads. The dock also sports a Lighting port in back for plugging in, along with a standard audio jack.

Before you hit that buy button, it’s probably worth taking a look at what else is out there. A quick search of Amazon reveals cheaper and more versatile options. Belkin is selling a pretty sleek Lightning dock for just $16.59. Meanwhile, JBL has a dock-speaker hybrid for just $28.88.

If you don’t mind paying extra for Apple design hit the source link and head over to the company’s online store.