One of the casualties of Apple’s quest for thin devices has been the elimination of the classic light up Apple logo on MacBooks. The neat detail never made its way into iPhones, but it is possible to do so. JerryRigEverything just so happened to stumble upon a kit online and decided to do the project.

It turns out it’s a sweet mod that makes the iPhone 7 (and 7 Plus) look infinitely cooler.

The light up kit can be bought on Amazon for under $10. Once you get your hands on the kit, you’ll need to take your iPhone 7 apart. JerryRigEverything walks through the whole process, making the task much easier with a visual display.

The entire process is essentially a battery replacement with a few added steps. You’ll need to start by removing the display with a suction cup—just be careful not to rip any ribbons. From here, you’ll need to remove a metal plate the covers the battery’s ribbon connecter that’s held on by four screws. Next is removing the battery, the last part the covers the Apple logo.

Once you get the battery off, then you have to pry the polished metal that gives the logo its shiny look, but be very careful. JerryRigEverything accidentally destroyed his display ribbon during this step. From here you can begin the process of placing the Apple light up logo and connecting it to a ribbon. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but it does help to watch JerryRigEverything do it first.

Modding your Apple logo is an inexpensive trick that’s fairly easy to do. And it makes your iPhone 7 truly stand out. Do keep in mind, however, that this will void any warranties on your device.

You can check out the complete JerryRigEverything tutorial in the video above.