With the rumored iPhone launch happening next week, errant parts of the device are continuing to make headlines.

On Tuesday, an iPhone blog became the latest website to display what appears to be parts of the rumored iPhone. Two different videos show off the metal outer frame of the device with no buttons, no screen and no camera.

Many are speculating how a site manages to get their hands on such products.  The blog claims the parts "were purchased in China by one of our readers then delivered to us.  We will not reveal the price."

The chassis looks very close to the one shown off by Gizmodo last month.  Gizmodo announced they paid $5,000 to the person who found the prototype in a bar after it was lost by an Apple employee.  Apple requested the return of the prototype and then launched a criminal investigation.

Until recently, Apple had been one of the corporations who have been able keep a tight lid on its upcoming products before they are released or announced.  Whole devices going missing and stray parts being sold to blogs have always been unheard of.

Nonetheless, it shouldn't be too much longer before the wait is over.  Jobs is scheduled to speak in front of the developers at 10AM Pacific on June 7; the opening day of Apple's WWDC.