Some ideas are in right in front of our eyes but are far too easy to overlook.  Graffiti has been around for as long as the Earth has existed but thanks to our smartphones, it’s possible to make it a bit more modern.  Follow along and ask yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?!”


Draw your graffiti on your iPhone with a simple drawing application.


When you come across a wall you want to tag, use the GPS location feature and compass to tag your location on the wall.


Tag the wall with the image you sketched, uploading it to a database where users submit their own location-aware tags.


Share your tag perhaps on Twitter or Facebook or a subset of Google Maps so anyone you’re connected with can check out your work.


Set the graffiti’s option to be only viewable at the tagged location, incentivizing other users to head out and explore.


Through an augmented reality feature built within the app, holding your phone up to a wall that has been tagged reveals the artist’s work.

Why hasn’t this been developed yet?!  Would you be interested something similar?

[Via PetitInvention]