iPhone 4S SiriInterested in an iPhone-plus-unlimited-data combo, but live in a dismal Sprint coverage area? Buck up. You'll have a fourth iPhone carrier option soon, and it too offers unlimited. No, it's not T-Mobile. It's C Spire, the carrier formerly known as Cellular South.

The carrier will be making good on its promise to carry the Apple handset when both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S officially launches on its network on November 11.

Would-be customers will want to look closely at the fine print before signing up, though — the two least expensive of its four service plans (which start at $50) prohibit data streaming. So unless you like getting an epic punch to the wallet, you can forget about enjoying YouTube, Netflix, HBO Go, Xfinity TV or the others, at least without WiFi.

C Spire asserts that it supports the highest proportion of smartphone users in the country. It should be interesting to see what happens to its network when all the i-users come to its yard.

[via BoyGenius Report]