With or without the economic climate as it is, most of us want to keep track of our personal finances, and with more obligations occupying our time we are organizing these on the go. I have been using a number of applications that help me keep track of my finances, bills that need to be paid, expense reports and investments, so let’s take a look at the best of the bunch.


screen-shot-2010-11-14-at-91159-pmAccount-Checkbook ($1.99 on Sale)

We all need to keep track of income and expenditures, and I have used a paper checkbook register foryears. The problem with a manual register is that in this age of debit cards I rarely carry cash and every time I make even a small purchase I would have to keep the receipt and make sure I enter the transaction in my register. With this application I now enter transactions as soon as the happen. With the ability to log multiple accounts as well as enter reconciliation mode I no longer need a paper checkbook register. Finally, the ability to graphically view: revenue vs expenses, spending by category, and income by category this app is worth every penny at it’s non-sale price and even more so at $1.99.


screen-shot-2010-11-14-at-92121-pmBillTracker ($1.99)

This is not one of my favorite things to do, but we all have bills to pay and keeping track of the payees, due dates, amounts and payments are critical to keeping peace of mind in financial endeavors. BillTracker allows users to input all the account information for each bill, set up recurring bills along with amounts and due dates, then view them in list or calendar view. The app also utilizes push notifications via icon badges to let you know how many bills are due based on how many days in advance you have set the due date reminder.  This app has been invaluable in keeping track of bill amounts and dates, as well as payment amounts and conformation numbers. Combining this application with the above checkbook application has kept me on track with my finances and eliminating tools such as check registers and bill tracking options such as pen and paper.


screen-shot-2010-11-14-at-94643-pmmyExpenses ($7.99)

Now, before you dismiss this application as being to expensive, let me just say that it does a multitude of tasks including tracking income and expenses. What I use this app for mostly is tracking expenses for expense reports and cost analysis on particular contacted jobs I perform. With it’s extremely intuitive user interface users can track income or expenses and assign dollars to preset or custom made categories. When tracking expenses for reimbursement companies always ask for receipts and with this app you can take a picture of the receipt and associate it with a particular expense. This way if you do loose a receipt you have a photo as a backup. Tracking your expense are not very useful if there is no way to export them to a report, with myExpenses you have the ability to export in either a CSV or QIF file hen email to a contact.

If your still unsure if this is the right app for you, myExpenses offers a Lite version for free that limits your to 25 transactions but will upload all transaction to the paid version if you decide it’s right for you.

E*TRADE Mobile Pro

screen-shot-2010-11-14-at-100440-pmE*TRADE Mobile Pro (FREE)

E*TRADE is a free application that enables users to view stock performance right on your phone with streaming real time quotes, breaking market news, and, believe it or not. the ability to trade stocks on the fly. This application has all the functionality of E*Trade on your desktop including quick cash transfers to and from virtually any financial institution. This application takes the standard stock tracking app on the iPhone and takes it to very lofty levels. This is a free application but of course you will need an E*Trade account. With E*TRADE Mobile Pro you will always be in touch with your accounts and assets no matter where you go. No personal information stored on your device s your accounts are safe even if you lose your phone. If you have E*TRADE accounts you need to keep track of make sure you download this free app.

So, these are the finance applications that I use regularly and help me keep track of the all important income and expenses for my family. Before the implementation of these applications in my financial life I spent a lot of time inputing information on my computer at home, but with these mobile apps I can do all this when I have a few minutes down time no matter where I am.

I know you have some favorite finance apps of your own so let me know in the comments.

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