Apple has long maintained a strong reputation with its customers, scoring high marks in customer satisfaction with its phones, laptops and customer service. The latest numbers appear to underline just how strong the company’s iPhone user base is by a substantial margin.

According to a survey by AlphaWise, 92 percent of surveyed iPhone users are “somewhat or extremely likely” to upgrade to another iPhone within the next 12 months. That figure is even more impressive when you take a look at the next closest smartphone maker: Samsung came in second place with a 77 percent rating. That’s a big difference.

Rounding out the survey were LG (59 percent), Motorola (56 percent ) and Nokia (42 percent). Interestingly enough, HTC wasn’t mentioned in the survey.

In last year’s survey, Apple got a score of 86 percent. That means it experienced a nice bump in customer satisfaction with the release of the iPhone 7. The 92 percent score was still shy of Apple’s highest AlphaWise survey grade of 93 percent. That was accomplished back in September 2015.

Apple is still king

According to the survey, Apple is the top dog in the smartphone market. It doesn’t sell the most devices, but it sells the most premium devices with the best satisfaction rate. This makes the likelihood of iPhone users upgrading to another iPhone not all that surprising.

Samsung is Apple’s only real competition. Among Android smartphone makers, Samsung stands the tallest. Its score may or may not have been affected by the Note 7 disaster last year. Right now, it has a home run on its hands with the Galaxy S8. It wouldn’t be all that surprising to see its score jump up in next year’s survey. But Apple is still king right now.