The future of the iPhone might mean you’re not touching a screen at all. Apple is developing hands-free control for upcoming models, according to Bloomberg.

You’d still need to use your finger, but you wouldn’t have to actually touch the glass. Various sensors would be used to analyze the distance between a finger and the panel. With rising competition and parity between mobile devices, Apple is seeking to make the iPhone stand out with new forms of interaction. Other companies have tried rolling out touchless gesture control; however, no one has successfully made such a feature mainstream.

Just don’t expect touchless gesture control on any of the three iPhone models likely to debut in 2018. It’ll take at least two years for the feature to be rolled into a consumer-ready product.

Apple is also reportedly working on curved displays. While that’s not a new concept in the mobile industry, the company’s implementation appears to be different. The displays in development are believed to “curve inward gradually from top to bottom” rather than down at the edges. Apple’s iPhone X has a slight curve around the edge, but this implementation is more noticeable.

There is no timetable regarding the launch of an iPhone with a curved display as the technology is “still in early research and development.” Both features could also be axed at any time. Apple is merely testing the ideas at this time.