Last week, ConceptsiPhone released an iPhone 8 concept that brought to life the perfect iPhone. Now, it’s back with another concept that imagines what the iPhone of the future will look like. It’s an interesting idea with no buttons, no ports and a gigantic display that envelopes the entire phone.

ConceptsiPhone dubbed their concept iPhone 2020—an imagination of what smartphones will look like in three years. The main feature of the concept is the crazy 360-degree display that wraps around the entire device. The front and the back is nothing but display. It’s a gorgeous idea that definitely intrigues.

A consequence of the display is the elimination of buttons and ports. Instead, the sides contain virtual toggles for the mute switch, volume buttons and easy access to widgets. The lack of a Lightning port is possible through wireless charging and data transfer. The only opening on the device is the SIM tray, which has now moved to the bottom of the device. Flanking the top and bottom are four speakers, similar to the iPad Pro speaker set-up. The camera system now includes a dual-camera module that is present in the front and back.

If this is the future, itlooks insanely cool

Who knows if phones will look like this in the future. What we do know is that this concept looks awesome. Some of the ideas seem impractical, like the camera system and fingerprint scanners everywhere, but it’s a futuristic concept—might as well use a little imagination. It doesn’t have to be real, just really cool. And this concept definitely is.

You can check out ConcepstiPhone video down below.